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How to get on plan during your first trimester

Are you new to Trim Healthy Mama but ready to learn what it means to be on plan? Although you might not be sure how to navigate the plan while also being in your first trimester of pregnancy?

Well look no further! I've got you, here are 5 simple steps to help you get started on your THM Journey during your first trimester of prgnancy.

Before we dig into the steps you will need to take to get started on your journey let me give you a brief intro about myself and my THM history. You can read about my full story here. I found THM through my midwife when I was struggling with fertility issues in 2016. I used THM to help control gestational diabetes with my first two pregnancies and then learned to make it my full on lifestyle in early 2020. After becoming fully dedicated I found my queen weight while tandem nursing my two boys & became pregnant with baby #3. Had a beautiful healthy pregnancy where THM helped me once again navigate the waters of gestational diabetes. Now I've went on to have the best nursing experience yet. Loosing my baby weight at a resonable rate all while gaining the best health of my life so far. I might also mention that while following THM through my nursing season with baby #3 I've had the best milk supply & implamenting THM is the ONLY way I have ever lost weight while nursing!

It's through my experience that the desire was born to help other ladies navigate this season of life so they may to find the best health of their life while also laying the foundation for their new bundles of joy.

Tip #1 - Cut sugar from your diet

Sugar is hidden under many names in a lot of products we don't expect it to be in. Sugar is very addictive and we do not realize how much sugar we are actually taking in when we follow the S.A.D diet (Standard American Diet). Learning to read your labels and identify what aliases sugar goes by is going to be crucial to your journey! It's very important for you health and your babies health to keep you blood sugar stable during your pregnany.

Tip #2 - Cut out white flour and prepackaged foods

White flour is devitalized flour and has absolutely no nutritional value. Also many times prepackaged foods are also void of nutrition. Stop buying things like chips, mac and cheese, ramen noodles, white rice, spaghetti noodles and of course you've already given up the boxed sugary stuff like cereals and little debbie cakes in step 1 .

Tip #3 - Find your Trim Healthy Sisterhood

Find ladies who are in the same season as you, who you can relate to. Ladies who get the struggles your going through and who will help encourage you every step of the way. Not sure where to start to find a community like that? I've got a few places I like to connect with my sisters! In my free group community on facebook, on my instagram account: Healthy_driven_country_livin, over in the THM Journey app (you can find me by searching "driven") & via coaching. I help busy women just like you learn to implement the Trim Healthy plan during any season even pregnancy or postpartum. It's so much easier when you follow or learn from someone who's went before you! Let me help you have a Trim Healthy Pregnancy!

Tip #4 - Try new recipes

There are loads of recipes out there on the internet that are suitable for Trim Healthy Mama. Here's a simple breakfast recipe for you to start with that uses all whole foods you can find at your local grocery store, you make it once and eat on it all week, feed your whole family or use it for leftovers.

I love a good yogurt bowl during pregnancy. It's loaded with protein which helps keep the nausea at bay in the first trimester. Plus I fill mine full of berries and they help fight off inflammation. So goodbye swollen ankles!

Another favorite is oatmeal or quinoa bowls. These gentle carbs really help me stay energetic, keep the nausea at bay in the first trimester and helps me control my Gestation diabetes later in pregnancy. The #1 thing you DO NOT want to do if you have GD is to omit good gentle healthy carbs completely. Your body NEEDS good carbs mama!

Trim Healthy Cookbook was the first full cookbook published. I would say this one is probably the easiest to get started with as it was created back before a lot of products had been created thus it uses more whole food ingredients than the others. By using this cookbook you may not feel like you have to buy ingredients from the THM store to get started. Now I'm not saying at some point you wont want to because I absolutely LOVE my THM products and use them regularly but we are just wanting to get started here!

Trim Healthy Table is my favorite for its great soup and shake collection. Plus it has loads of great recipes that will feed large families. If you have a big family I recommend this cookbook to get started. Now some of the recipes have long lists of ingredients but don't let that deter you most of these ingredients are spices.

Trim Healthy Future is the newest cookbook and many of the recipes from this cookbook were created by Pearl and Serene's niece Rashida. She is a great cook and I love her cookbook and how simple the recipes are to create. Some of my favorite recipes from her book at the quick lunches. Here's a video of me creating her pesto pizza for lunch, take a look see to see just how easy this meal was.

Tip #5 - Begin learning the THM language

Now as you begin to implement these first 4 steps I have laid out for you I suggest to take some time a read up about the plan and get to know the language that Trim Healthy Mama uses. There is more to the plan than just following the recipes but this is a lifelong journey and its a learning curve so I find it best to learn as you go. Like I said earlier I started implementing THM back in 2016 and I am still learning! That's also one of the main reasons I became a THM Coach was to help ladies just like you learn to make Trim Healthy Mama a lifestyle sooner than I did and to help ladies navigate THM during their pregnant and nursing season. After all these two specials seasons already have a lot to bring to the table of learning. Let alone trying to learn how to implament a new lifestyle! You can learn more about the coaching services I offer here.

That's it! Easy peasy huh?

If you begin implementing these 5 steps I've laid out for you, you will be well on your way to being on plan throughout your pregnancy. As I mentioned above this is a lifelong journey and this is just the beginning so dig in and give it your all mama. You can do this I know you can. Don't forget to reach out and find a support system to help cheer you on along the way! I truly hope this article blesses you and helps you get started on your Trim Healthy Mama Journey. If you found this article helpful would you please take a moment to leave me a comment and share this article with a friend. Thanks so much for being here and I hope to see you around!

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Heather Small
Heather Small
Apr 19, 2022

This is great and I loved reading your story! 🥰 God is SO good!!! 💜

Amanda Perkins
Amanda Perkins
Apr 19, 2022
Replying to

Thank you!! Yes he sure is!

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