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Sourdough the Trim Healthy Way

Does the thought of sourdough leave you overwhelmed?

Have you ever tried creating a starter from scratch only to find it molded or not growing like you'd expect it to??

Well look no further I've got the Ultimate Sourdough Course is a self-paced course that teaches you everything you need to know about making sourdough the Trim Healthy Way! 

This course is right for you if:

  • You're ready to quit paying high prices for a healthy bread option

  • You miss the traditional pizza crust in your Trim Healthy Journey

  • You want to learn how to incorporate sourdough in to your Trim Healthy Journey

  • Need tips and tricks to making beautiful artisan loaves

  • Need help caring for your sourdough starter

  • Need to learn new recipes to use with sourdough discard

  • What flour you can use to make Trim Healthy Sourdough

  • What flours to use for each different recipe

By the end of my Ultimate Sourdough Workshop you will:
  • Confidently know how to care for your starter

  • What flour options to use to make your bread products the most optimal for your Trim Healthy Journey

  • Be able to make any and all bread products you'd like for your family such as: Sandwich bread, pizza, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, pancakes and much more!

This course is ONLY $69.00 Don't delay start your sourdough journey today! ​

What my past students have to say about the program:

Here's a few examples of what you are going to master:

Blueberry muffins
Artisan No Knead loaf
Cinnamon Rolls

Details about what's included in the course:

-Education on creating a sourdough starter to working with your starter in your kitchen and everything in between.

-Recorded cooking demos making recipes with discard sourdough and active sourdough such as cinnamon rolls, pizza crust and my most loved blueberry oat muffins!

-Q&A opportunity in a private community of sourdough course alumi.

Meet your Instructor

Coach Amanda Mar 2022_edited.png

Coach Amanda has been a Trim Healthy Mama for alomst 7 years and a Coach for going on 3. Her journey completely changed when she discovered sourdough. She taught herself how to create a starter from scratch and then experiemented with different flours and recipes learning all she could on how to create sourdough products that are compliant with the Trim Healthy Mama plan.


Since learning all the in's & out's she started teaching sourdough courses to help ladies just like you streamline the process. With her help you will learn to create a starter from scratch and everything you need to know to make wonderful, delicious sourdough breads for your family! It has come in very handy for Coach Amanda and her growing family to be able to make traditional bread items such as pizza crust, biscuits, cinnamon rolls and different breads. 

Without further ado won't you join me in the kitchen as we get started learning the art of sourdough! 

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