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Rustic Kitchen

As a Trim Healthy Lifestyle Coach I teach women how to ditch sugar once & for all so they can lose weight while creating simple meals using whole foods their entire family will enjoy!

With Coach Amanda's Help

Freebies & Resources
In the Supermarket

Cooking Demos + Chit Chat's on living a sugar free lifestyle 

Grab my grocery store must haves that help me live a sugar free lifestyle! 

Coach Amanda's favorite recipes

Learn the art of Trim Healthy Sourdough

In this self-paced course you will learn the art of Trim Healthy sourdough in as little as two weeks! 

  • Learn exactly how to start a starter from scratch

  • What flours are most optimal

  • How to care for your starter

  • How to feed your starter

  • How to create recipes with active & discard starter

Healthy Driven

Group Coaching

Join Coach Amanda and other like minded mama's for 6 weeks in a private group experience. You will learn the basics of the Trim Healthy plan plus strategies to make this plan a sustainable lifestyle.

Group Coaching includes:

⋗Trim Healthy plan education

⋗Daily accountability

⋗Tips to make trim healthy sustainable

⋗Simple strategies to make trim healthy a lifestyle

⋗Easy meal ideas the whole family is sure to love


⋗Strategies to help you stay consistent


Group Coaching

Enrollment closed - please join the wait list to be informed when registration opens.

Or Join the wait list:

1 on 1 Coaching

Coach Amanda's 1 on 1 program is the perfect blueprint to teach you how to make Trim Healthy Mama YOUR lifestyle in just 8 weeks! With personalized menu help, meal review and weekly coaching calls you're sure to see the needle move in your health journey! 

  • Learn the plan details 

  • Set and achieve goals like a rock star

  • Learn how to fuel your body for weight loss, optimal health, while sustaining another life (pregnant or nursing) or what ever your season

  • Plus have private access to Coach Amanda


These stand alone masterclasses are single or bundled classes that will help you on your Trim Healthy Journey. 


Healthy Driven

Introducing Coach Amanda's "Healthy Driven Bundles" – a curated selection of thoughtfully crafted meal collections designed to fuel your well-being. From nourishing postpartum options to family-friendly feasts, each bundle is a journey into wholesome, flavorful eating. Immerse yourself in a world where taste meets nutrition, and every dish is a step toward a healthier, more vibrant you. Embrace the power of wellness with our diverse and convenient Healthy Driven Bundles. In these bundles you'll find an easy to read PDF full of Trim Healthy Recipes plus step-by-step video demos, providing you with visual guidance for a seamless cooking experience.

Healthy Driven Bundles.png

Working with Amanda is informative, encouraging and helpful no matter where you are in your journey. 

-from a grateful client🖤

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