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Past Masterclasses - Replays available

This class was held live on May 25th, you may now purchase the replay.

If nausea & decreased energy have you grabbing off plan foods, gaining more weight than you'd like & you want to learn how to stay on track. Join me for this masterclass.

In this class we discuss why you have nausea & decreased energy during pregnancy, what foods will help you through this plus how to pair those foods to make easy meals.

This Masterclass is perfect for:

-The seasoned Trim Healthy Mama who needs some extra guidance on how to fuel her body for the postpartum season.

-The mama who’s tried of implementing the trim healthy plan on her own but is unsure of what fuels or foods are best to nourish her and baby.

-The mama who needs some refreshing or guidance to jump back on the Trim train.

What you'll learn:

-The top foods to include during your postpartum season.

-Why you need these foods.

-How to pair those foods to create Trim Healthy Meals.

-How to rotate those meals for the best results in healing, weight loss and optimal health.

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You've worked so hard to have a healthy pregnancy, don't let it all go out the window while you're in the hospital recovering from delivery. This is a crucial time to support your health and healing with good food options.

When you have a plan you know exactly how to stay on track. This masterclass will give you the plan so you know exactly how to prepare and how to pack your hospital bags to stay on track during your hospital stay!


These stand alone masterclasses are detail oriented classes on a specific topic that will help you on your Trim Healthy Journey.

These classes are held live followed by a Q&A time. 

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