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Coach Amanda's Healthy Driven Blueprint

A course that is the perfect blueprint to teach you how to make Trim Healthy Mama YOUR lifestyle. This course will teach you how to ditch the sugar once and for all so you feel rejuvenated, younger, and healthier—and, for some, weight loss is a side effect! Even through the busiest seasons of your life, like wrangling little ones, toting teenagers back and forth, and being a caregiver to older parents, you can stay on track and make it a sustainable part of your lifestyle.

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Before we dive into the program, let's make sure you're a good fit.


You are right for this course if you want to lose the weight, gain health and find a lifestyle you can tweak or adapt in all seasons of life. 

Coach Amanda's Healthy Driven Blueprint is right for you if you want to learn how to fuel your body for health while on the go or at the house. 

If you are a...

  • Stay at home mom wrangling littles or homeschooling all day & you want to provide nourishing foods for your family without the fuss of being in the kitchen all day.

  • Mom of teenagers in all the sports but not sure how to support your families growing needs while your on a "diet". 

  • You've tried Trim Healthy Mama many years ago, you know it works becuase you lost the weight straight away but life got hectic and you lost your way. 

  • Or you're busy outside the home taking care of others but know that your health has been put on the back burner far too long and if you don't do something about it now your health is going to start taking a serious tole.

Any of those scenerios sound a bit like yours? Well my friend you're in the right place!

My Healthy Driven Blueprint will give you the tools you need to take control your health, lose the weight you've always desired and have the energy you need to tackle the day! 

By the end of this course you will

1.) Know exactly what foods to pair to balance your blood sugar and achieve vibrant health.


2.) How to include proper portions, timing and fuel rotation.


3.) How to fuel for various seasons: pregnancy, pospartum, weight loss, healing plus how to fuel your growing children or hungry husbands. 

4.) What foods are wreaking havoc on your health

5.) How to overcome the many obstacles that come with starting a new lifestyle such as sugar cravings, how to eat when your on the go, how to give yourself grace plus more. 

6.) How to maintain the lifestyle you'll come to love during this course. 

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Take a peek inside Coach Amanda's Healthy Driven Blueprint

Module 1 

Straight out of the gate I will teach you how to ditch the sugar once and for all. Since the beginning of my coaching career almost every person I've worked with doesn't realize how sneaky the commercial food manufacters are and those product labels that say ZERO Sugar-- yeah, they are usually lying.

So in this module we will take a deep dive into all the sugar alises, where to find them and how to read your products to be 100% certain the foods your including in your journey are absolutely SUGAR FREE! 

Once your certain what ingredients you don't want in your foods I will walk you through how to stock your pantry to be successful on your Trim Healthy journey! 

Stocking your pantry with the right foods is half the battle!

Module 2

In this module I will teach you the componets of a well rounded meal. This module will take you back to the food pyramid days when you learned about nutirition in school except this time around the food pyramid I'm teaching you will show you how to build a healthy, nutritious meal that will help you balance your blood sugar-- leaving you feeling rejuvanated, younger and healthier instead of inflamed, bloated and miserable. 

  • Protein

  • Fats

  • Carbs

  • Veggies

Building blocks of a healthy meal-- the solid foundation you've been missing your whole life. 

Module 3

Planning-- Is the cornerstone of a solid foundation. 

This is what makes all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. When it comes to planning my motto is if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

  • Weekly Meal Planning

  • Big Events

  • Small Trips

It's all important and if you forget to plan it out it will go hay wire I promise you! 

This is the #1 reason people choose to have an unhealthy meal, they forget to plan for success making a rash decision to just revert back to their old habits.

So in the Healthy Driven Blueprint I walk you through planning in all scenarios making it easy for you to stay on track even when life gets busy. Plus I have a extra special lesson for you-- a plan for when you don't have a plan because let's face sometimes our best laid plans go to the wayside when life throws us a curve ball. So I teach you how to have a back up to your back up! 

If you fail to plan you plan to fail! 

Module 4

Revving your metabolism-- Do you ever feel like your metabolism has just absolutely bottomed out on you? 

Your not burning the calories your putting in fast enough in return making you gain the weight you so desprately wish you could get rid of... All while your having smaller and smaller portions trying to fuel your body with less thinking it will burn more body fat? 

That thinking my friend has actually got your body in fat storage mode instead of fat releasing mode! In laments terms you are not fueling your body enough for it to feel secure releasing it's fat stores.. making you actually gain more weight instead of loosing it! 

So in this module I will share strategies you will want to implament straight away to get your body healing and into fat burning mode again. 

You will walk away knowing exactly which measures will revv your metabolism for the best weight loss possible when your body is in a secure place and it feels safe releasing it's extra stores! 

Get the strategies you need to revv your metabolism for weight loss when your body is ready to release it's extra stores.


8 weeks of Group Coaching--

In this exclusive group for students only there will be live Q&A opportunites, cooking demos and a community of ladies who are walking the same path you are. This community makes all the difference in the journey for some ladies. It's what gives them the motivation to keep going, the ideas to change things up, or the opportunity to ask questions you never even knew you had! 

What you get:

  • 4 Live Q&A sessions this gives you the opportunity to ask any and all of the burning questions you have so you can move forward with confidence in your choices. 

  • Accountabilty you'll have the opportunity to put yourself out there and your peers will help hold you accountable on your choices.

  • Cooking Demos in these demos you'll get to see just how easy it actually can be to create healthy meals the whole family will enjoy. 

Inside of Coach Amanda's Healthy Driven Blueprint you get...
  • Secrets on how to ditch the sugar once and for all

  • The building blocks to create a healthy meal - No need to count calories, fumble with macros ect.

  • Planning strategies even the non-planner can enjoy

  • Tips and strategies to help you find the health, release the weight (if needed) and make this a sustainable lifestyle. 

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*This is the exact blueprint I used*

This Blueprint Isn't a Magic pill...

But I can promise you if you implament the tips, strategies and techniques I teach in this blueprint YOU WILL find a sustainable healthy lifestyle that you enjoy. 

All of my clients who implament the plan the way I teach have been wildly successful and many have even shared it with friends and family members to help them achieve vibrant health as well. 

This blueprint is for you if you feel like you have no time to hunt and peck to find all the pieces that go into living a healthy lifestyle. 


I know you might be saying but Amanda I work 40+ hours a week, I'm on the go 24/7 running my kids here and there, I've got sick parents or family to care for... I hear you, which is exactly why I created a program like this! To give you the step by step actions and information you need to start implamenting a healither lifestyle straight away! 

The time is now my friend....It's time to start putting YOU first. Your health after all is on the line here. You need to start making changes and making them soon & this course is the exact blueprint you're looking for! ​

Should you choose to say YES to your health I personally guarantee that these next 8 weeks & beyond will be beyond life changing. 

I can NOT wait to meet you inside of the Trim Healthy Blueprint and cheer you on eachstep of the way! 

With love, 

Coach Amanda

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