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The Secret to Lasting
Weight Loss

Mindset Shifts for Weight Loss Workbook (1).png
7 Mindset Shifts You Need for Lasting Weight Loss

Get ready to learn the secret to lasting weight loss so you can get off the yo-yo diet train once and for all! 

FREE Live Masterclass

Here's a sneak peak of What You'll Learn during this Masterclass:

  • 7 mindset shifts needed for lasting weight loss results

  • The types of mindsets there are & which one you resonate with

  • How to re-frame your mindset

  • How to put your new mindset into action

Who's this for?

If any of the following sound like you, do yourself a favor and DO NOT miss this masterclass....


I'm so tired of struggling to lose weight, I just want to find a way to enjoy food, exercise and feel good in my skin.

Just one mindset shift can make this possible! 

I'm sick of trying fad after fad just to be let down and disappointed because the results aren't sustainable.


You are craving true results that you know are possible.... Get ready because I'm about to share exactly how possible starts!


I'm  so done with dieting, I'm ready to find something that brings about real sustainable lifestyle change.

Of course you do my sweet friend! Isn't that what we are all searching for? Well search no further, join me LIVE where I will share with you my secrets to sustainable lifestyle change! 

Got Questions?? .... I've got answers!

What happens if I can't make it live? 

This masterclass will be recorded and available to view for 24 hours after the masterclass. If you register for the class and are unable to attend live you will be sent the recording. Just be sure to watch it within 24 hours or it will be gone!! 

Will there be a chance to ask questions during the Masterclass?

Yes, you will have a chance to ask questions once the masterclass is complete!

Is this really FREE??

Absolutely! I hope that this masterclass brings you a bushel of value to apply so you can enjoy lasting weight loss results! 

A Special note from Coach Amanda

I wish I would have known then what I know now...

My entire adult life has consisted of trying diet after diet. Always resulting in going back to my old ways until one day over 3 years ago the switch happened. I began to implement the changes I share in this FREE masterclass and the results stuck! Now my mission is to help as many ladies as I possibly can fast track these results to food freedom. Through sustainable lifestyle changes, easy choices and undeniable results! I want to show you exactly what is possible!! 

There will never be a "perfect" time, so while everyone else is waiting for that golden goose, you can get after it, right now!

This brand new masterclass is the culmination of the pivotal things I've learned during my weight loss journey. I'm so excited to teach you this stuff! It is going to be life changing for you, I just know it! 


You're chance to get off the ever spinning carosuel of diet trends is NOW! 

You don't need to know the HOW but you do need to have a WHY - if learning how sustainable, lasting, lifestyle change starts then choose the time that works best for you here.

Can't wait to see you there!

Coach Amanda 

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