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Healthy Driven Group Coaching

A coaching experience that will help you lose weight and reach the health goals you've always dreamed of.  


After 6 weeks in this group you will have a solid foundation of the Trim Healthy plan, you'll have a simple routine that creates the desired results you're looking for plus the knowledge you need to make this YOUR lifestyle once and for all.

What's included??
  • Trim Healthy Plan education

  • Live Coaching w/ Q&A

  • Menu Ideas

  • Weekly live in the kitchens to help you succeed in the kitchen

  • Strategies you need to stay consistent 

  • Tips, Tricks and Challenges to help you meet your goals

Group Coaching.png
What you'll get out of this group:
  • You'll know what foods to include for weight loss & optimal health.

  • How to create a balanced plate that promotes vibrant health, sustains those in pregnancy or postpartum seasons plus what leads to weight loss & healing.

  • Knowledge on how to make Trim Healthy the last "diet" you ever try!

  • Simple meals that promote weight loss and health that you can serve to your entire family.

Start Fresh w/ Fall Group Coaching

How do I get signed up?
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