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As a Trim Healthy Lifestyle Coach I teach women how to ditch sugar once & for all so they can lose weight while creating simple meals using whole foods their entire family will enjoy!

Get ready to become the healthiest version of yourself while enjoying foods you love, crave and want to share with your family!


Let's get started! 

Coach Amanda
It all starts at the
grocery store!
Grab my grocery list must haves to get started!

Meet me in the kitchen

Each week I share recipe demos, grocery hauls, plus products I use in my kitchen that will help you reach your health and weight loss goals.  

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Chia pudding

Coaching Services

Through coaching I help women take back their health & lose the weight they have always desired by teaching them how to make easy, sustainable food choices that align with the Trim Healthy plan. 

1 on 1 Coaching

1 on 1 Coaching

My 1 on 1 program is the perfect blueprint to teach you how to make Trim Healthy Mama YOUR lifestyle in just 8 weeks! With personalized menu help, meal review and weekly coaching calls you're sure to see the needle move in your health journey!

Healthy Driven Courses

Stand Alone Courses

My Self-paced, specialized courses will help you on your Trim Healthy journey. These courses are a deep dive into specific areas of the Trim Healthy journey such as sourdough. 

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Join myself and other like minded mama's for 5 weeks in a private group experience. You will learn the basics of the Trim Healthy plan plus strategies to make this plan a sustainable lifestyle.

Healthy Driven Masterclasses


Coach Amanda's masterclasses are detail oriented trainings over a very specific topics. These masterclasses cover various topics that you may need during your Trim Healthy Journey! These classes are first offered live but can also be purchased as a replay! 

Coach Amanda's Trim Healthy Story

Trim Healthy was first introduced to me by my midwife to help with insulin resistance. 
And boy has it ever helped! The Trim Healthy Lifestyle has supported me through many seasons: 
•Gestational Diabetes (I've had it with all 4 I'm pregnant w/ #4 & 100% diet controlled)
•Tandem nursing 
•Pregnant and nursing 
•Weight loss 
Man to say I'm grateful for this lifestyle is an understatement. Not only has it supported my health through these seasons I've also reversed my insulin resistance and lowered my A1C from 5.6 to 5.1 within 6 months of being on plan! 

Trim Healthy is not just another eating plan it's a whole lifestyle! It has changed my life in more ways than just my health. It has brought me closer to God! Watching the sisters and other Trim Healthy ladies live out their faith publicly has really encouraged me to live out my faith more publicly than ever before. 

In addition to that it has given me the chance of a lifetime to support other ladies on their journey through coaching! Being a Trim Healthy Coach for almost 3 years now has been such a blessing! If your ready to make a change I'm here to support you every step of the way! I promise if I can do it so can you! 

Coach Amanda & family
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